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Tried every famous ad network and found yourself at the lighter side of the sinking boat? Stop wasting your precious inventory for the peanuts and start generating fascinating revenue for each and every impression your website gains. Adotic pays maximum revenue for every single impression you receive on Adotic ads instead of paying too less on the name of keywords marketing.
Adotic enables publishers to sell their inventory right from their own website. Publishers have tools to sell inventory in the form of impressions, clicks or full days. You will receive commission on any model you choose. Placing multiple ads on a page can enable you to earn multiple revenue of ad impressions with the single page impression!

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Twice a Month Payment is a really luring unique offer from Adotic Network. You will have your earnings submitted right into your bank account on every 15 days. Now no longer waiting for checks which takes even longer to clear into banks, get your earnings into your bank account twice a month!

Supported Payment Methods: PayPal, Checks, Western Union Money Transfer, NEFT (For Indian banks) and International Wire Transfer (TT).

Technically Advanced controls to place customized ads on your web pages. You can blend ads in the theme of your website or can resize them as required. You are even free to customize any ad to match the contents of your pages. Choose from all sizes of text, video and image ads. You can also refer other publishers from your ads and earn a share from their earnings!

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