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Publisher Basic FAQs


When will I be paid?
Adotic pays its publisher in every 15 days. The first payment may take a while due to quality measures. Once you have received your first payment, you will start receiving a payment in every 15 days.

What is the Minimum Payout?
The minimum payout is $20.00 for check / PayPal and $50.00 for NEFT / Western Union / Wire Transfer.

I am clicking on my ads but the click count is not increasing. Why?
Remember you are not allowed to click on Adotic ads by yourself. This can lead to the termination of your Adotic account since it is against the Publisher's Terms and Conditions. Also, our system ignores clicks coming from the same IP address for a specified time interval.

I want to use Auto surf or Fake Traffic program to generate impressions and clicks. Is it okay?
No, our system is programmed to detect all auto surf or faker programs. If the system detects that any publisher is using such technologies, his/her account is flagged as 'Fraud' and will be terminated from Adotic network shortly. Remember, once terminated, all unpaid earnings will be forfeited and reversed to relevant advertisers.

How to insert ads into my website?
To insert codes, please simply follow these steps:

    1) Click on 'New Place' in the bottom menu OR click on Places -> Add a Place in the main menu.
    2) Choose a title, it would be something like 'Header ad on' or 'Footer at'. Make sure that the title must includes the url of the page where you will place this ad.
   3) Select the Ad Type. A Google Style Ad zone is a good start. This is proven to build more revenue than any other zone. You can also choose Full Banner, Tower Banner or Ladder Board Banner to display Visual Ads in your website. Graphical banners may have Flash ads.

My Impressions count is very low, how can I improve?

Make sure that the ads are visible to your visitors without the need to scroll. If you place ads far below into the page or out of the reach of your visitors, it would be dead and will no longer count any impression.
The Best way to get higher impression count is to place 3 different types of Ads on all of your pages. Advisable ad types what you must place on your pages are Google Style Ads, Full Banner and Tower Ads.

My ads impression count is lower than my website pages impression. Why?
Due to many fraud publishers, we now use technologies which investigate if the traffic is fake or dead. Fake traffic is considered when the impressions are recorded from same IP or proxy servers. Dead traffic is considered when it does not receive any click for a long while. If your ads are located out of the reach of your visitors i.e. far below the page or hidden or colors are blended to invisible or any other reason, your impression count may temporarily stop.

Can I place multiple ads on a single page?

You can place as many ads on your page as you want. But you are not supposed to repeat any ad type on the same page. That means you can place a single 'Full Banner', 'Ladder Board', 'News Ticker', any shape of Google Style Ads or any other ad type.

Can I place more than one Google Style Ad on a single page?
Yes, you can. But make sure all shapes are different. If you are not using any other styles, then you can choose to place two same shapes of Google Style ads.

How will I get paid?

We pay through various methods. You can choose between PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer. We also pay via Western Union Instant Money Transfer in select countries. If you want to get paid via WU, please mail us with the reason at support[at]

How long does it take to receive check in mail?

It depends on country to country. We have heard from publishers to receive their checks in 5 to 25 days. We can send checks by courier if you agree to pay the charges (Around $25). Courier deliveries are faster and reliable as compared to normal postal deliveries.

I have lost my check. Can I have another check?
If the check has not yet been cashed, you can request to stop payment of your earlier check for free. The amount will be rolled over to your next month's earnings. If you need another check issued, you have to pay $5 for the reissue fee of your new check.

How can I ask for help?

Please use built-in messaging system to send your questions to our Support Staff. We will resolve any issue in 3 business days and will get back to you if required. To send message, click on 'Messages' on the footer menu in your publisher's area.

More questions? Send us an e-mail: pubsup @ adotic. com

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