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Adotic works abreast with thousands of publishers with top notch technology to deliver nothing but best results. No matter what our advertisers require - Unique visitors, customized leads, distribute free trials or samples, surveys or just straight sales, we have delivered them all! Adotic offers excellent control over campaign targeting, whether it is geographical, keywords or custom specifications; our system is ready to deliver precisely what you are seeking.
Adotic is not only the most economical, it also lets you target countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, India or the whole world! You can select days when your ad will be displayed, Cap impressions, Run multiple campaigns for the same ad, use Flash, Videos, raw HTML, image or text ads, launch popups, popunders, interstitials, floating windows, news ticker and DHTML ads, choose to pay for clicks, impressions, days or keywords. Adotic lets you customize your campaigns to the most complex level. Try it today!

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