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ADO - The fuel of Adotic Media Network

ADO Asset is an ERC20 token with a backbone. Unlike other tokens, ADO is born 'after' the real world usecase of the currency. You may have seen many projects with 'upcoming' or 'future plans' announcements, this is not the case here. ADO is for the real business, for the real traders, with the real users - The Real Asset!

ADO Asset will be listed on regular exchanges for trading, however there will be very low supply because of very low premine tokens. This is to make sure the strong market value and handpicked posession. ADO will remain the main currency to accept payment from Adotic clients / advertisers and it will also be used to make payments to thousands of publishers on the network.

ADO beyond Adotic Media Network

ADO will not be limited for the use at Adotic Network, it is going to break boundries and be accepted at wide number of applications. ADO owners can use it for making purchases, paying their bills, recharging cellular, make bookings of flights and hotels and send money across the world. Just expect the unexpected.


ADO Timeline


July 2005 Technology

Adotic Network was launched and rapidly become the chosen platform for thousands of advertisers and publishers from all over the world.

Adotic Network

August 2014 Revolution

Adotic Network upgraded to the latest to date technology and start delivering targeted campaigns. Advertisers found more specific inventory.

Adotic Network

Oct 2019 Adaptation

Adotic Turned Blockchain. It started shifting all payment methods to crypto and started serving the increasingly high demand industry of Blockchain.

Adotic Network

March 2020 ADO Era Begins

The much planned and much awaited ADO token announced. The first investors were the years-old advertisers enjoying Adotic technology to boost their businesses. ADO announced public sale for rest of the investors.

ADO Asset

July 2020 Blockchain Starts

July 2020, the blockchain for the greatest advertising network ADO Asset goes public. ICO ends and tokens are burned. Trading starts on multiple exchanges.

ADO Asset

Secure Your ADO Token Before it Goes Public

The ICO / Presale has it's price and perks. But getting aboard the team has it's previledges. This is the time when you can precure your own precious ADO before anyone else and secure them from the hike of presale prices. Since this oppotuinity is for the core investors only, you can only get a share which is predefined for the early investors.

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